Saturday, December 8, 2012

Do you remember me? how we used to be?
don't you think we should be closer?
Roger Waters . Final Cut Album

And when i looked up at the sky --
hazy and blind.
With the crescent purple and yellow like an eye
after a fight.
When I opened
my mouth to take a breath,
I could smell your northern hair,
I could see your face.
Pale. White. Almost blue.
Dont ask me how,
but i know it was you.

And when the morning came,
lazy and gray,
with its sun looking tired like a washed out slut.
No! its sun looking worn like a child who's lost,
I looked up at the sky and could feel your heart,
blissful and bare.
I could hear your heart
and i became blissfully torn.
And that's when I heard:
love is within your reach.
Like a golden coin in the temple it is being tossed.
And drowning in this blessed news like a drunkard at the final feast,
I understood that nonexistence is its cost.

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